"Educaide has demonstrated to possess both broad and intimate knowledge on international education in the Netherlands. Mrs. van Oppen has done a professional job in providing a status report on the International Schools in South-East Netherlands, identifying strong points alongside areas for improvement."

- P.F. Hylarides -
managing director LifeTec Network

When there are issues pertaining to international education, national and local governmental organizations, but also organizations such as UWV, IND, DUO and the Tax authorities (Belastingdienst), look to Educaide for support.

Educaide is active on the highest level of government in the Netherlands, influencing policy and legislation concerning the international aspects of education. Due to her visionary stance on international education in the Netherlands, Willemijn van Oppen was asked to collaborate on, amongst others, two reports published by the Innovation Platform, an initiative of former Prime Minister Balkenende: “Leren Excelleren” (2006) and “Deuren Open!” (2009).

Municipalities and provinces recognize the need for international schools both as a way of attracting new Foreign Investments to their areas and as an important step in addressing the educational needs of foreign students living in the area. Educaide advises governmental agencies on the efficacy of such endeavors through research, lobbying, and offering strategic advice, often in close cooperation with a vast network of specialists with complementary expertise/background.

Educaide has been involved in the establishment and/or expansion of several international schools, including those in Den Haag, Breda and Maastricht. Furthermore, Educaide is currently involved in the establishment of various new international and bilingual schools in the Netherlands.

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