“Not really expecting a reply, we sent Educaide our CVs and a quick note about what we were looking for before taking off to travel through the Australian outback, only to find on our return to civilisation that she had already arranged us phone interviews! Those interviews turned into offers of employment, and only a short time later we were working in the Netherlands.”

- Andrew Taylor and Mandy van Zanen -

"After numerous attempts by the Board of my school to sort out my working and residence permit, EDUCAIDE was called in at the request from the school management. Having a wife and 2 infants at home and no income, things were looking very bad. Especially after getting the IND letter stating that I would have to leave the country unless the work permit was accepted within 30 days. Willemijn’s calm and confident personality along with her many years of experience is the only reason why my family and I are still living and working in The Netherlands. If you are wanting your move to The Netherlands to go as smooth as possible I suggest you contact EDUCAIDE before any problems begin!"

- Jesse Bywater -

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The Netherlands is the only country in the world where the government subsidizes international education. This means that the teachers, with foreign teaching credentials who want to teach in The Netherlands, need to meet the standards set by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

In order to see if you will likely qualify along the rules and regulations you can complete a personal information form and send it back to Educaide.

On the basis of the information provided on the completed form, Educaide will be able to give you proper advice on the roads to take in order to obtain the accreditation as well as other possible red-tape procedures.

Educaide has helped place large numbers of teachers in international (and bilingual) schools within the Netherlands. If you are interested in seeking a position in an international and/or bilingual school in Holland you can send the completed form to teach@educaide.nl. We then can advise you further.

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