About Educaide

Educaide is the solution house for international education in the Netherlands, advising the full spectrum of international education stakeholders. Its experience ranges from advising the Ministry of Education to counseling families with the challenges of expatriation. Educaide offers strategic and practical advice. It is the only consultancy of its kind in the Netherlands, always bearing the best interest of students in mind. In addition, our vast network of qualified teachers worldwide has helped Dutch international (and bilingual) schools find and employ great native-English speaking educators.

Since founding Educaide in 2001 Willemijn van Oppen has been a tireless advocate for the international school system in the Netherlands. Willemijn founded Educaide on a broad array of lessons she drew from her experience, challenges and inspiration while abroad (USA and Japan). Willemijn’s own experiences as an expatriate and repatriate compelled her to apply her knowledge and experience to improve international education in the Netherlands. Willemijn is the founder of the IPSSG.NL, an institution bringing together major stakeholders of all Dutch International Secondary Schools. She sought to further influence the quality of International Education in the Netherlands by founding Educaide in 2001.

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